POP Capital's Philosophy



POP Capital will take a differentiated approach to generating high investor returns in what has traditionally been a market not well understood by the private equity industry.

A luxury goods brand is not simply defined by its profit and loss statement and balance sheet. There is an intangible spirit and identity making its products unique and desired, with these nuances varying by category, company and geography. All require an insightful understanding of the company and the product or service provided.

POP Capital has a sister company which is a branding, marketing and strategy consulting agency dedicated to understanding and reaching the wealthiest .1%. If you are in need of some brand refinement, explore the capabilities here: Point One Percent


Our fund is primarily focused on legacy luxury brands.
What is legacy luxury?


  • Built around a compelling and high quality product or service
  • Has a dedicated customer base with the core elements in place to coalesce and solidify brand for expansion

  • Brand equity is compelling; could be from heritage, design aesthetic, emerging segment or product category

  • Ability to monetize and significantly grow revenues through category, segment, customer or product expansion

  • Smaller privately owned; often by the founding family with generational control change. Revenues $10-50m and EBITDA $2-20m

  • With an increasingly global footprint many of these brands need to have a global supply chain, sales network and systems. At their small size this is difficult to implement profitably with many businesses undercapitalized


While focused, this segment is significant with many investment opportunities in numerous categories and regions.